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So you leave the salon and you're feeling super what? I've got you covered! Below you can find everything you need to know about how to care for your extensions at home, on vacation or where ever!


+ Thoroughly brush hair BEFORE showering. This will help prevent unnecessary tangling.

+ Use a sulfate free shampoo + conditioner to prolong your hair color and extensions. I recommend Iles Formula which can be purchased in the studio. 

+ Shampoo gently, especially in between rows. 

+ Double cleansing is suggested to make sure you are removing excess oils and thoroughly cleaning the hair. 

+ Rinse well. Do not leave any product behind.

+ Apply conditioner on the mids and ends of hair. You many use a comb to gently distribute it. Again, rinse well!

+ A weekly mask is recommended to help strengthen and nourish your hair and the extension hair. I recommend the Iles Formula mask. 


+ Use a wet brush to comb your hair after showering. Start at the ends and work your way up. 

+ Do not brush the actual weft, as this can cause damage to the weft or unraveling. 


+ Brush gently!

+ Apply a heat protectant like Iles Formula #3 Finishing Serum. 


+ Rough dry your hair 80% of the way using your fingers before using a round brush. 


+ For a faster blow dry, section out each row and rough dry them separately. Note: do not anchor your hair clips into the wefts. 


+ You may use a round brush and a small amount of tension to smooth your hair and the extensions

+ Once completely dry, you can finish styling with a hot tool of your choice!


+ Brush thoroughly and make sure you're going to bed with completely DRY hair.

+ Use a silk scrunchie to sleep in a low pony or braid to prevent tangling. 

+ Sleep on a silk pillowcase.

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