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Extensions that look and feel like your own hair

Comfortable, light weight, durable and non-damaging

Luxury quality, ethically sourced Hand-tied human hair

Endless versatile styling possibilities and suitable for any type of lifestyle 


Are you ready to have your dream hair? Click the link below to fill out an application


Q. How often do I have to get my extensions moved up?

A.  Maintenance appointments are scheduled every 6-8 weeks depending on your hair growth and color needs.

Q. How long does the hair last?

A. With proper at home care, recommended products and routine maintenance the hair can last anywhere from 6-9 months. Kristen Marie uses only top quality hand tied extensions to ensure longevity.

Q. Can I color my hair with the hair extensions?

A. YES! Absolutely! Even the extensions can be colored too! 

Q. Can I still workout with hand tied extensions?

A. YES! Hand tied extensions are suitable for any type of workout or lifestyle. Whether you like to wear your hair up, down or braided!

Q. Can I style my hair with hot tools?

A. You absolutely can! In fact, the extensions hold styles so well that you'll notice you won't have to use hot tools as frequently. Love that for you!

Q. Can I wear them on vacation or to the beach?

A. Of course! Just be sure to read over the "Care" section for everything you need to know about swimming, sunscreen and additional care. 

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